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Samui Gay Road Tour

Let our local experience and local guides show you the best of Samui island. Our Samui Gay Road Tour is a tailor made experience designed to best meet your interests. Avoid the crowds and relax in air conditioned 4-wheel drive comfort.

Recommended places to visit include:-

jungle paths

If you want to get up into the jungle and experience the real natural beauty of the island you need four wheel drive.  Maps of Samui are inaccurate and show roads that do not exist or routes that have been washed away by monsoon rains.  New roads are being built every year but maps are rarely updated. We can show you routes you are unlikely to find for yourself. Sit back relax and enjoy the view.


Great place to cool off on a hot day, and what day is not hot on a tropical island? Several falls to choose from, some close to the road others need half hour trek to reach and yet others one or two hours hike up steep mountain paths. Which one we visit is 'up to you' as the Thai people like to say.


Samui is no Chiang Mai far as temple architecture is concerned but Buddhism teaches us to live in the here and now - so if this is where you are right now we can show you places of peace and tranquility to match any other. Picture shows Buddha images donated from all over South East Asia now located at the oldest temple on Samui.

Mountain View Points

There are some stunning view points over the island but if you share the view with a dozen other tour busses and salesmen it will take away the serenity and enjoyment of the view.  We aim to refresh all your senses and take you away from the maddening crowds

Remote (gay friendly) Beaches

If you are looking for remote unspoilt beaches you are unlikely to find them by yourself - that is why they are remote and unspoilt. You need local knowledge and experience to lead the way. Then you can lay back and enjoy the water. Some are gay friendly and also popular with naturists.

Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks

Naturally formed rocks shaped like male and female genitalia. Does not sound too exciting, right? Yet this popular tourist spot is worth a visit due to the interesting coastal scenery which is reminiscent of a Dali painting. Smooth boulders and soft sand blending into the clear calm sea.

Shopping & eating

We like to support other gay run businesses where possible but that does not blind us to knowing where the best deals can be found for souvenirs and tasty treats.


Group Tour from 1,500 per person
Private Tour price on request

Prices include soft drinks and local snacks but do not include lunch.  We stop to eat accoding to your taste and our location during the day.

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gay Samui road tour
gay Samui road tour
gay Samui road tour
gay Samui road tour
gay Samui road tour
gay Samui road tour
gay Samui road tour
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